Right now, I’m still operating at the speed of hustle to get more new things ready for the show, so I’ve got to keep it brief and keep it movin’. A new pic of Mega Man (classic flavor) has just been added to the galleries! A few more behind-the-scenes shots from that will be added […]

New art of Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series!

More sprites were added, including the new Linda and Abobo (Double Dragon II) sprites from last week’s ScrollBoss update. I added Dig Dug and Fygar (and the sketch I traced to get the sprite started) to the Dig Dug gallery page while the Bionic Commando/Radd Spencer page gets standing sprites for both the NES and […]

Extra hours on the dayjob and working on a commission (that you may see next week) meant less time to work on the scribbles. I finally turned the pic of Arthur (from the Ghosts ‘n Goblins series) into pixel art and fixed a lot of the mistakes I made with the helmet. I also made […]

In a crossover update with my ScrollBoss game fan site, there are two new things here and a site related thing over there. Twofold seems like a natural character to be in a fighting game so the sprite I just added is a hint at what he’d look like in 2-D video game. I didn’t […]