To you and yours and everybody else’s, have a Merry Christmas!

It’s time for another villain of mine to show up in an updated design. This one is Seismo, one of the sneakiest bad guys you’ll see in my comic universe. He’s an example of a C-grade villain with more smarts than most people will ever suspect. This is the only picture in the update but […]

This week’s character debut isn’t just a villain as much as he’s THE villain. The Inquisitor looks like some crazy villain from yesteryear because that’s what he’s supposed to look like. The problem is that he wasn’t as crazy as he appears and will have a major influence on current stories and characters. The pictures […]

Hello. My brain power has been reduced to that of a voodoo-flavor zombie due to a sudden and abrupt shift in day job work schedule. My cunning plan to start the month with lots of black-and-white artwork of my characters was ruined by being too sleepy to draw straight. Sadly, that means I only have […]