No more teasers and previews, the new version of the Horror vs. Horror print is now here! Six horror icons grace the pic in sprite form while dozens more appear in character select boxes. I’ve been working on the pixel art bit-by-bit for most of this year, agonizing over character selection right up to when […]

Sorry for the long absence! Today’s update is mostly an alert, but there’s some catch-up work here to do, too. Last year’s X-Men and Alien vs. Predator pixel art prints have finally been added to the galleries. They’ve always been in the shop here, but didn’t get pages until now. As usual, I’ll be working […]

Small update with a recap of what I’ve been doing and two new sprites of Illmosis characters!

Pictures of the Flash and Gilius Thunderhead finally get backgrounds while Leo and Don’s new sprites were added to the TMNT sprite gallery page!

New horror movie pixel art in screenshot form (with a bunch of cameos), an update of the Lego Spider-Man pic and more prints are for sale!

Lego Spider-Man has been fully colored (finally) and sprite remakes of characters from Shinobi, Ninja Gaiden and TMNT have been added to the galleries!

A bunch of sprites from Flash week were added and the full-color Flash pic comes in late, just like the real Barry Allen!

Merry Christmas from the Illmosis network of sites and Santa Gilius (from Sega’s Golden Axe games)!

Today’s newness includes brand-new sprites of Ace of Clubs and Longway along with a new Castlevania monster sprite page featuring the Night Stalker sprite seen on the ScrollBoss site.

Today’s update includes a new sprite of M-Wave and a bunch of scratch-made sprites of Splatterhouse characters.