Today was the last big ScrollBoss: the Revenge of 1989 updates and I’ve added the scratch-made sprites to this site. The TMNT are also celebrating their 25th Anniversary along with the 20th Anniversary for their 1st NES and Arcade games so it’s extra special for them. Be sure to check out the ‘progress animations’ on […]

Have a Merry Christmas or whatever it is that you celebrate! Enjoy family, friends, loved ones, food, new holiday memories, themed television programming with crappy marathons and delicious food. If you don’t celebrate anything, have fun anyway! I don’t even mean that sarcastically because I’m not here to judge you. Try to return the favor […]

Wonder Woman returns in base color with an improved face. I’m not sure when I’ll have the chance but I plan to get this in full color very soon. The other new thing is a picture from 1998 with Ace of Clubs, Phenomenon and Batterram beating up some villains. Now that I’m finally better at […]

Still working like crazy on ScrollBoss’ “1989” feature but I made some quick art of a character from that great year of gaming, Alex Kidd. Sure, he debuted before that, but his Enchanted Castle game from 1989 is a favorite of mine and this is based on how he is in that game. If you […]