My ScrollBoss video game site had it’s 10th Anniversary on July 19th and celebrated all week long including a small update yesterday. Now it’s time to show you some of the things I made for it that I had to hold back on until party started. A rewritten article for the goofy Minus World section […]

I’m still working on things to make tomorrow’s ScrollBoss update even bigger but I wanted to have something to show for anyone kind enough to stop by the site today. I’m going to show you one of the fighting game scale sprites I made for the update. This is Lord J from Jaleco’s Brawl Brothers […]

Last week’s announcement that weekly updates weren’t guaranteed anymore didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to try. In fact, ScrollBoss will get an update later on tonight in an unannounced content crossover weekend. It’s really a coincidence that all of today’s content is beat-em-up video game related. Douglas Bild (Rival Turf, Brawl Brothers) is finally […]

Again, I’m working on a lot of stuff at the same time so all I have is this pic of Douglas Bild from Brawl Brothers/Rushing Beat Ran. I tried to do the blue line pencil-to-dark pencil thing here but I may just traditionally ink-trace it anyway. The proportions are a bit off but I could […]