I spent much of last week feeling like crap thanks to some sinus problems but I still managed to get some work done with the sites including this Kilowog picture. I promised someone at last year’s All-Americon that I’d have it ready for next year’s shindig and it took me this long to come up […]

This was the first real test I’ve had with the Wacom tablet I bought and I think I officially dig it. Click on the little picture up there to check out the gallery page where you can see the whole picture along with a close-up of some details I never could’ve done with just a […]

Another lazy update. This is Upski Daisy, a character from a project that I’ve been teasing for a long time. Between trying to get the different drawing style down for this thing and trying to get a design that worked, you can see the struggle all through this pic. I had an earlier try at […]

I apologize for the lateness of this even though I don’t guarantee weekly updates anymore. The Illmosis Scrapbook I’m working on will have character pages but some of these people need better full body pics than what they have now. Passion Tanaka goes first because she really needed some new artwork. This pic will have […]