The next in the series of sprites for Aaron Pinsky’s “Sheol” is here! The new sprite is Fredrick Steinwald, a man who gets into the tournament to do more than just kick in some heads. Click the preview pic over there to see the full Sheol sprite page and learn about the character. This was […]

New Twofold crossover pic! Click the small picture to see and learn more! I also added some of the old filecards I drew for my characters back in the 1990’s. The new cards include Beatdown (in her original outfit) along with two villains who haven’t been posted here before: Chill and Fisticuffs. I also threw […]

“This is serious, P. Those things you saw up there? Those G–tst—ers? Them herbs ain’t even the worst. You stepped into some ish you can’t step out of because, one way or another, they’ll get all of us if we don’t fight back. Not now, but right now. If you wanna crawl back into bed, […]