This one may be later than normal but there’s still an update this week. The main thing to see here is a new picture of Tyris from Sega’s classic side-scroller, Golden Axe. The earlier attempts to drawing her again like this one and this other one didn’t lead to much but that last one was […]

Sadly, this is one of those low-content updates I was talking about. I decided to scrap the idea I had for that group-shot I was stuck on in the “Universe Intro” story and started drawing a different layout. I also made a nice amount of progress on the Final Fight thug sprite set and today’s […]

Last week’s announcement that weekly updates weren’t guaranteed anymore didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to try. In fact, ScrollBoss will get an update later on tonight in an unannounced content crossover weekend. It’s really a coincidence that all of today’s content is beat-em-up video game related. Douglas Bild (Rival Turf, Brawl Brothers) is finally […]