Today’s update includes a new sprite of M-Wave and a bunch of scratch-made sprites of Splatterhouse characters.

Kilowog now has a background that’s another attempt of trying to make quick, decent space backgrounds. I think I’m getting better with the quickly made planets. That M-Wave picture I drew nearly a year ago is finally in full color thanks to the Wacom tablet. M-Wave’s new art was part of an overall update to […]

This was the first real test I’ve had with the Wacom tablet I bought and I think I officially dig it. Click on the little picture up there to check out the gallery page where you can see the whole picture along with a close-up of some details I never could’ve done with just a […]

Some people have parties, others just get drunk and many have a mixture of the two. Me? I celebrated my birthday (on the 12th) by drawing this: It’s a semi-remake of a picture I drew on my birthday a few years back. The full-size version of that pic was accidentally overwritten by a resized version […]