*looks at blog* I was so worn out this year that I forgot to put up a post in March when I added the flat color version of this Crash Test minifig art. But, yeah, the full color version is here now. Anyone wondering what I was up to for most of this year should […]

Black Panther art in full color and TMNT sprites from a recent ScrollBoss update were added to that gallery page. Also: Lego Batgirl and Pac-Man prints are now available!

Today’s newness includes the finished Lego Batgirl ’66 pic and a new Black Panther pic in flat color (for now).

New horror movie pixel art in screenshot form (with a bunch of cameos), an update of the Lego Spider-Man pic and more prints are for sale!

Lego Spider-Man has been fully colored (finally) and sprite remakes of characters from Shinobi, Ninja Gaiden and TMNT have been added to the galleries!

Lego Spider-Man in base/flat colors, Madame Hydra/Viper pixel art and a post-All Americon 5 wrap-up!

I’ve spent most of this past week reworking (or trying to rework) some pictures so I could get better prints of them for the convention. Still, I had to have something new for the site this week, so check out the line work for the Spider-Man picture I’m working on. I don’t know if I’ll […]

Lego Zombie in full color, Super Mario series sprites (Princess Peach and Toad), and a new self-portrait (booooooo!).

New art of a Lego zombie and updated sprite galleries for Marvel and DC villains!

I didn’t plan to finish the Blacktron pic so soon but I decided to go ahead and do that. This gets Blacktron off the Redemption List because I’m happy with the way it turned out. I’m not sure when I’ll have Tyris Flare’s art fully colored in but here’s a preview of how she looked […]