Surprise, I didn’t completely neglect the site on its birthday! Currently taking a break to get some rest, but I just had to sketch my poor old neglected characters. Will this turn into something bigger later on? *shrugs*

This was the first real test I’ve had with the Wacom tablet I bought and I think I officially dig it. Click on the little picture up there to check out the gallery page where you can see the whole picture along with a close-up of some details I never could’ve done with just a […]

I apologize for the lateness of this even though I don’t guarantee weekly updates anymore. The Illmosis Scrapbook I’m working on will have character pages but some of these people need better full body pics than what they have now. Passion Tanaka goes first because she really needed some new artwork. This pic will have […]

Aw, yeah! Two pics this week, people! First up is a hastily drawn and colored pic of Passion Tanaka being deceptively goofy and kinda creepy. But that’s how she gets down so it’s okay! Valentine’s Day is a stupid holiday made to guilt people into buying expensive things for each other but I had to […]