Endless Duck’s pic is fully colored in and I post a reminder about the fast-approaching All AmeriCon!

Miles Morales Spider-Man gets a background and it’s time to start getting hype for the All AmeriCon convention!

New art of Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series!

New art of Scarlett from G.I. JOE, a group shot with Gotham’s most wanted villains and convention news!

Lego Spider-Man in base/flat colors, Madame Hydra/Viper pixel art and a post-All Americon 5 wrap-up!

Here’s something that I just made B&W prints of for the All AmeriCon convention in Warren, Ohio this Sunday: And here’s something from the “War Begins Again” project: I f@#$ing hate that guy. I’ll have gallery pages for the new stuff next week.

People, I had fun. Mad fun, even. Yes, I sold prints and made connections but that’s only a business-minded justification for having the kind of fun I had this Sunday. I had a chance to hang out with old and new friends, buy some cool stuff and spend my weekend doing something other than being […]

I spent much of last week feeling like crap thanks to some sinus problems but I still managed to get some work done with the sites including this Kilowog picture. I promised someone at last year’s All-Americon that I’d have it ready for next year’s shindig and it took me this long to come up […]

Just as the legendary Betty White got to host SNL last night, this Mothers’ Day 2010 update stars Ms. Pac Man, the original and reigning first lady of video games. Her enemy, Sue, followed her in and looks like she’s ready to cause some trouble. I had a great time at last week’s All AmeriCon […]