I’m trying to get some things set up for the Illmosis Scrapbook, a black-and-white sketchbook that I’ve been threatening to do for a few years now. Here’s an early version of the logo. The colors in SCRAPBOOK still need work but everything fits together just the way I wanted it to. I don’t know if […]

Nothing much here this week. I spent most of last few days working on a big update of ScrollBoss sprite gallery structure along with being a bit worn out. One thing that I’m able to throw on the site is a few of the color scheme ideas I have for that new PowerKore design I […]

Tyris is in base color mode along with having a bit of her linework cleaned up. I still don’t know when the full color version will be finished. Sorry for the late posting but I’m putting the finishing touches on the new ScrollBoss sprite gallery. I want to get that out of the way A.S.A.P. […]

This one may be later than normal but there’s still an update this week. The main thing to see here is a new picture of Tyris from Sega’s classic side-scroller, Golden Axe. The earlier attempts to drawing her again like this one and this other one didn’t lead to much but that last one was […]

Sadly, this is one of those low-content updates I was talking about. I decided to scrap the idea I had for that group-shot I was stuck on in the “Universe Intro” story and started drawing a different layout. I also made a nice amount of progress on the Final Fight thug sprite set and today’s […]