WPGH 53 Pittsburgh used air the greatest superhero show ever back in the 70’s before I was even in Kindergarten. They took all of the syndicated packages of 60’s hero cartoons, usually shows made of up multiple short stories back then, and made this insane hyper-adventure mixtape. You could see Iron Man, Green Lantern and […]

I don’t have much to show off this time. I’ve been working on different things and I’ll show previews of them in a bit. The one new thing you’ll see is that the Elevator Action Deluxe sprite now has a mini-logo with it. I worked on a few mini-logos to bulk up the ScrollBoss update […]

E’s! E’s everywhere! This update has a full-color debut of an old concept of mine that I didn’t fix until recently alongside a sprite of a classic game remake that just came out this week. Exemplar (who may get a name change before she appears in a story) is part of Project TC but will […]