A new Sheol sprite has been added along with Aaron Pinsky’s profile of his character. Click on the sprites in this update to check out the page with the rest of the Sheol sprites and character biographies. BTW: I still have two sprite commission slots open so have a look at the commission price list […]

This is based on the first issue of the 90’s Black Lightning comic written by Tony Isabella and by drawn Eddy Newell, one of my favorite runs of any comic. I’ve always wanted to make a sprite of that cover’s pose but waited until I had the scratch-spriting skills to do it justice. This sprite […]

The picture of the original Lego Batman is inked and has base colors laid down. I made some changes before inking it but I still have a few problems with it. Lots of progress was made on different projects last week. Some of it was sprite work but I made a lot of progress on […]

I finished another sprite from Aaron Pinsky’s Sheol stories and added it to the gallery page. This sprite has one of the sneakiest faces I’ve ever sprited. Mr. Pinsky also provided a short bio for the character so be sure to check that out, too. I spent most of last week working on page layout […]