Princess Peach is in full color (and background) while Endless Duck invades from the ScrollBoss site!

A new Princess Peach picture (in flat colors, for now) joins the gallery!

new pixel art pics of the Legend of Zelda and the Justice League!

Beatdown is finally in full color and I really like how she turned out. I’ve been tweaking her backstory for a while and working on stories where she appears (including one in which you won’t recognize her at first), so it’s good to finally have a full-color picture of her. The other new thing in […]

This week’s update is shared with my ScrollBoss gaming site with new stuff being added there Friday along with today. All of the updates share two things in common: Horror (for Halloween) and early NES games. The Castlevania 1 version of Medusa follows Death into the gallery and Death himself returns in a scratch-made sprite. […]

The 25th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System caught me by surprise so I felt I had to celebrate somehow. The picture of Mario here is a slightly improved version of the picture I drew on the evening of the anniversary but didn’t like. The original version was NOT good enough to show that night. […]