This update is both a heads-up and preview to the Avengers ScrollBoss update that drops this Thursday. Remember when I posted the sprite of the Wasp and said that I’d be making more versions of it in different outfits? That starts now along with an improved version of the sprite itself. Check out the gallery […]

So the same thing that happened to ScrollBoss happened to this site, because something crept into the site and injected some malicious code. Same crap, same culprit website. I just cleared and scanned the site through multiple sources and reuploaded things from a clean backup. That means I’ll be doing even more site work instead […]

Apparently something hacked the ScrollBoss site and started injecting some BS spam-related linking code into pages of the site. I shut off access to the site, changed passwords and gutted the entire spot (and that’s why the background patterns are currently missing). I have some security-related things to look into before uploading the entire site […]