As usual, I got the yearly party flyer done right before the All-AmeriCon. Nearly right after I made the update last week, I made some quick, slight improvements to the Green Lantern John Stewart picture. Also, the Superman sprite gallery page now has the work progress .GIF, though I was rushing while I worked on […]

It’s been a while since I’ve posted new color fan art, hasn’t it? Check out Green Lantern Corps member John Stewart flying through an inaccurate space background! Also, those Superman (and Superman-like) sprites from the June updates at ScrollBoss finally have a gallery page. No work-progress sprite yet, but I do have the work frames […]

edit (7:26 PM) It’s the 75th Anniversary of Superman’s creation by Joe Shuster and Jerry Seigel, so I took another shot at this pose I’d tried to draw before. It’s mostly based on a Christopher Reeve (R.I.P) pose from the first movie. All of the earlier attempts looked like crap, but this looks less crappy. […]