Sorry for last week’s lack of newness but I was working on quite a few things (along with trying to get some rest on Thanksgiving). The Passion Tanaka sprite was almost done last week, but not done enough to show. Check out the gallery page for it by clicking on the small picture preview in […]

I’m still working on a commission, but I managed to sprite something that I’ve wanted to make for a long, long time. Yes, I finally made a Nutroll sprite that doesn’t look like crap. That mini-logo also means he’ll be showing up in the this week’s update for the ScrollBoss GFX Generators. There’s a lot […]

Edit: I drew a picture of Longway in semi-relaxed mode in tribute for the site’s 7th anniversary. Why? Because there are seven letters in his name and I needed a non-action shot of him. The other picture is design tweak of Beatdown. She has a design that I’ve been messing with for years but this […]