Today’s newness includes brand-new sprites of Ace of Clubs and Longway along with a new Castlevania monster sprite page featuring the Night Stalker sprite seen on the ScrollBoss site.

(updated 2012/08/23) I’m currently working on the line cleaning for the last of the 100 pages I drew for the current commission project and it looks like I’ll be working on another 100 pages right after that. There probably won’t be time for updates with new material for yet another month, but at least it’s […]

Newness includes an inked pic of ‘Skate’ Hunter from Streets of Rage 2 & 3 and a pixelart version of Castlevania 1’s box art (sans Simon). The ScrollBoss gallery also gets fixed.

The Castlevania background that I posted a preview of last week is now on the site. There’s an animated .GIF showing some of the steps I took in making it. I planned to have this picture of Skate from Sega’s Streets of Rage games inked for today’s update but something came up. I’m posting a […]

Currently having some problems with a program I use to test PHP and MySQL on the hard drive version of my sites. It turns out to be a big part of why I had such connection problems lately because it doesn’t get bad until I turn the PHP/Apache part on. I’m still working on this […]

This week’s update is shared with my ScrollBoss gaming site with new stuff being added there Friday along with today. All of the updates share two things in common: Horror (for Halloween) and early NES games. The Castlevania 1 version of Medusa follows Death into the gallery and Death himself returns in a scratch-made sprite. […]

The 25th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System caught me by surprise so I felt I had to celebrate somehow. The picture of Mario here is a slightly improved version of the picture I drew on the evening of the anniversary but didn’t like. The original version was NOT good enough to show that night. […]

Yes, there was a ghost monster involved in last week’s update but the main attraction of this week’s newness is really getting into the Halloween state of mind. It’s the Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill 2, a game I’ve never even played. Yes, I’ve drawn something from a game that isn’t over ten years […]