Endless Duck’s pic is fully colored in and I post a reminder about the fast-approaching All AmeriCon!

Princess Peach is in full color (and background) while Endless Duck invades from the ScrollBoss site!

First, the 12th Anniversary ScrollBoss update hit this Thursday, even if the hands of fate and timing of extra day job hours conspired against it. New scratch-made sprites based on well-known games like Metroid, Double Dragon and Contra stand side-by-side with lesser-known gems like Konami’s Crime Fighters 2. Check them out in the Custom Sprite […]

My ScrollBoss video game site had it’s 10th Anniversary on July 19th and celebrated all week long including a small update yesterday. Now it’s time to show you some of the things I made for it that I had to hold back on until party started. A rewritten article for the goofy Minus World section […]

Thanks to a lot of unexpected things popping up (including a some scripting errors on ScrollBoss), I don’t have anything new finished for this week. I dropped the “weekly guarantee” thing quite a while ago but still tried to have something new anyway. The thing that I linked to up there is a preview for […]

This was a very light week but many of the weeks will be on the light tip since I’m also working on multiple projects like “the Universal Intro” for the comics. Tempress makes her debut on the site in her new outfit. I planned to draw her during the Illmosis 5th Anniversary last November but […]

In a crossover update with my ScrollBoss game fan site, there are two new things here and a site related thing over there. Twofold seems like a natural character to be in a fighting game so the sprite I just added is a hint at what he’d look like in 2-D video game. I didn’t […]