A new sprite commissioned by Mr. Aaron Pinsky based on his Sheol stories was added to that gallery page along with his bio for the character, a wrestler who’s ready to rule any squared circle (or circled circle) he steps in. I also have the sprites based on Namco’s “Wonder Momo” (regular Momo and costumed […]

The next in the series of sprites for Aaron Pinsky’s “Sheol” is here! The new sprite is Fredrick Steinwald, a man who gets into the tournament to do more than just kick in some heads. Click the preview pic over there to see the full Sheol sprite page and learn about the character. This was […]

A new Sheol sprite has been added along with Aaron Pinsky’s profile of his character. Click on the sprites in this update to check out the page with the rest of the Sheol sprites and character biographies. BTW: I still have two sprite commission slots open so have a look at the commission price list […]