Last week’s announcement that weekly updates weren’t guaranteed anymore didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to try. In fact, ScrollBoss will get an update later on tonight in an unannounced content crossover weekend. It’s really a coincidence that all of today’s content is beat-em-up video game related. Douglas Bild (Rival Turf, Brawl Brothers) is finally […]

Trick finally joins Treat in having full-color artwork. I also updated the character profiles for Trick, Treat, Negator and Hostyle. The first three were updated to have the full color artwork, while Trick, Treat and Hostyle have sketches from the year 2000 added to their profile. I also fixed the right fist of theDouglas Bild […]

Aw, yeah! Two pics this week, people! First up is a hastily drawn and colored pic of Passion Tanaka being deceptively goofy and kinda creepy. But that’s how she gets down so it’s okay! Valentine’s Day is a stupid holiday made to guilt people into buying expensive things for each other but I had to […]

After days of being sick and finally having to take some kind of medicine that induces sleepy time, I’m just going to throw the update on right now. You probably can’t tell if you’re reading this from the site’s main menu but I just replaced the older news module with Folger’s Crystals WordPress. The Illmosis […]

Yes, I’m replacing the CuteNews update post format with WordPress goodness just like I did on ScrollBoss. Many posts will be site updates but there will also be previews, rambles, character explanations and more things that won’t show up on the site’s main menu. Expect more Illmosis bits to be integrated as I work on […]