My sinus troubles prevented me from finishing any serious artwork but I managed to get a bit closer to a decent River City Ransom drawing style. Here’s another shot at drawing Alex though a few things still look off. I hope to have a better and full-color version of this done before July is over. […]

Not much to show here this week except for the update to the M-Wave pic. I did a bit of line cleaning but the main thing is that I redrew the energy trails since the earlier version just looked too plain. It finally has it’s own page, too. I’ve finally made a long overdue upgrade […]

Some people have parties, others just get drunk and many have a mixture of the two. Me? I celebrated my birthday (on the 12th) by drawing this: It’s a semi-remake of a picture I drew on my birthday a few years back. The full-size version of that pic was accidentally overwritten by a resized version […]

Thanks to a lot of unexpected things popping up (including a some scripting errors on ScrollBoss), I don’t have anything new finished for this week. I dropped the “weekly guarantee” thing quite a while ago but still tried to have something new anyway. The thing that I linked to up there is a preview for […]