New Twofold crossover pic! Click the small picture to see and learn more! I also added some of the old filecards I drew for my characters back in the 1990’s. The new cards include Beatdown (in her original outfit) along with two villains who haven’t been posted here before: Chill and Fisticuffs. I also threw […]

This was the first real test I’ve had with the Wacom tablet I bought and I think I officially dig it. Click on the little picture up there to check out the gallery page where you can see the whole picture along with a close-up of some details I never could’ve done with just a […]

I apologize for the lateness of this even though I don’t guarantee weekly updates anymore. The Illmosis Scrapbook I’m working on will have character pages but some of these people need better full body pics than what they have now. Passion Tanaka goes first because she really needed some new artwork. This pic will have […]

Today is a bit busier than usual. First up to bat is another character from the “When the War Begins Again” nonsense that I keep mentioning. His name is Sheriff Warner and this is the face design that you saw me post a few weeks ago. Sean Chan’s pic is now in flat color mode […]

Sean Chan (from Twofold) finally gets a good picture, Secret Awesome President’s real inaugural artwork and more random site improvements.

Twofold month was over last week but you wouldn’t be able to tell from this week’s update. I cleaned up Amy Mao’s linework and brought her up to flat color mode. I already have some the minor details shaded but I’m going slow since I’m going to try coloring at a larger size than I’m […]

In a crossover update with my ScrollBoss game fan site, there are two new things here and a site related thing over there. Twofold seems like a natural character to be in a fighting game so the sprite I just added is a hint at what he’d look like in 2-D video game. I didn’t […]

Note to self: stop trying to do theme weeks or months based on times that my sinus problems kick in every year. Nothing really major week but it’s all Twofold specific. Amy Mao deserves a better picture than I drew last week so I took another shot at it. I think this new one is […]

Amy Mao, the resident tomgirl of the Five Eyes school along with Sean Chan, just got some profile artwork. She’s one of the characters named but not seen on the Twofold character profile list along with her sister Ann. At least, she didn’t until today since the new art was added to that Twofold profile […]

It’s become popular ninja folklore that the ninja considers nine to be lucky even to the point of carrying nine shuriken (throwing stars). I thought that 9/9/09 would be the perfect time to drop a one-page preview of the upcoming Twofold comic. That is just a preview because a few things will be different once […]