The new picture will be the main part of the cover for the first Illmosis Scrapbook, a collection of random, ridiculous stuff that I’ve been threatening to make for a long time. There’s still a lot of work to do for this and I may not have it done in time for the All Americon […]

There isn’t much to show in this update. The last few weeks have been pretty Lego-fied for me with finally getting the Toy Story Army Men pack (for custom purposes) and some Space Police sets and some other stuff I’ll talk about later. All of this made me return to the redemption list and draw […]

I’m trying to get some things set up for the Illmosis Scrapbook, a black-and-white sketchbook that I’ve been threatening to do for a few years now. Here’s an early version of the logo. The colors in SCRAPBOOK still need work but everything fits together just the way I wanted it to. I don’t know if […]