This week’s update includes two updated pictures and a party flyer for a party that you’ve already made it to. The Wonder Woman picture finally gets a background and the Tyris Flare pic gets some necessary tweaks. The party flyer is for the Illmosis Megajam 2010. What is that? You’re looking at it. Just read […]

Background Bonanza. My brain just defecated it out as I was trying to figure out what to name the post. What is it? It’s when I make backgrounds for a bunch of pictures including some that I didn’t plan to make backgrounds for. This batch includes the recent Tyris Flare pic, the Green Lantern Hal […]

I’ve been getting some nice, positive feedback about the Blacktron pic so I decided to finish and post this a bit earlier than I planned. There will be no Sunday update tomorrow because I’m getting it out of the way early with both this picture and the full color Tyris Flare pic from Friday. Expect […]

I finally have the new pic of Tyris Flare, the amazon from Sega’s 1989 classic hit Golden Axe, in full color. This is probably one of the better coloring jobs I’ve done in a while mostly because I tried a few new tricks that didn’t turn out like crap. I also took my time with […]

I didn’t plan to finish the Blacktron pic so soon but I decided to go ahead and do that. This gets Blacktron off the Redemption List because I’m happy with the way it turned out. I’m not sure when I’ll have Tyris Flare’s art fully colored in but here’s a preview of how she looked […]

There isn’t much to show in this update. The last few weeks have been pretty Lego-fied for me with finally getting the Toy Story Army Men pack (for custom purposes) and some Space Police sets and some other stuff I’ll talk about later. All of this made me return to the redemption list and draw […]