Black Panther art in full color and TMNT sprites from a recent ScrollBoss update were added to that gallery page. Also: Lego Batgirl and Pac-Man prints are now available!

New(-ish) art of Pac-Man, Lego Batgirl, plus a recap of all the stuff that’s happened lately and an alert about the All-AmeriCon convention!

New artwork of Rick Taylor (from Namco’s series of Splatterhouse horror games) !

More sprites were added, including the new Linda and Abobo (Double Dragon II) sprites from last week’s ScrollBoss update. I added Dig Dug and Fygar (and the sketch I traced to get the sprite started) to the Dig Dug gallery page while the Bionic Commando/Radd Spencer page gets standing sprites for both the NES and […]

So I teased a while back that I’m working on a second old-school video game update for ScrollBoss that will hit this month. These improved Pac-Man sprites (click the small pic or this link to see both sprites on gallery page) are a teaser for what you’ll see in that update. While some of you […]

Gallery pages are now up for the Ms. Pac-Man and Pooka sprites.

I just updated ScrollBoss with some Pac-related sprites, but I’m a bit worn out and only have a page ready for Ghost Monsters here. There’s a brand new sprite of Sue and a standard Ghost Monster sprite that has been palette swapped for all the original monsters. I’ll have pages for the other sprites ready […]

Yes, that was Ms. Pac-Man’s 1st maze in the picture I posted last weekend. The pictures of Ms. Pac-Man and Sue that I drew and colored a few months ago now use different parts of the maze as a background. I’m getting a bit better at sorting things out in Inkscape before bringing them into […]

Here’s the second drawing of Sue that I mentioned before. The linework has been smoothed by Inkscape and it’s now in full color. The earlier version is still linked to on the gallery page so you can compare them and see why I immediately decided to try it again. I also updated the Vs. Maker […]

(May 21st) It’s just in base color and some lines still need cleaning but here’s a lil’ something just for the event. I’ll have more this weekend! (May 22nd) Today is the 30th Anniversary of Pac-Man’s debut so I drew a picture to celebrate. Believe it or not, the recent Ms. Pac and Sue pictures […]