Sorry for the lack of an update last week but the things that popped up was part of the reason that I had to stop drop the weekly guarantee. I felt just good enough to struggle through this picture of Storm in her Jim Lee-designed outfit and not completely mess it up. It needed two […]

A commission for a friend, extra day job work and some fatigue slowed things down a bit for the site but both Skate and Almighty Grandmaster Wizard are now in base color mode. Most of Skate’s linework has been cleaned so a full color version will happen soon. The AGW pic will be redrawn once […]

Newness includes an inked pic of ‘Skate’ Hunter from Streets of Rage 2 & 3 and a pixelart version of Castlevania 1’s box art (sans Simon). The ScrollBoss gallery also gets fixed.

The Castlevania background that I posted a preview of last week is now on the site. There’s an animated .GIF showing some of the steps I took in making it. I planned to have this picture of Skate from Sega’s Streets of Rage games inked for today’s update but something came up. I’m posting a […]