Right now, I’m still operating at the speed of hustle to get more new things ready for the show, so I’ve got to keep it brief and keep it movin’. A new pic of Mega Man (classic flavor) has just been added to the galleries! A few more behind-the-scenes shots from that will be added […]

A new Princess Peach picture (in flat colors, for now) joins the gallery!

new pixel art pics of the Legend of Zelda and the Justice League!

Pictures of the Flash and Gilius Thunderhead finally get backgrounds while Leo and Don’s new sprites were added to the TMNT sprite gallery page!

New artwork of Rick Taylor (from Namco’s series of Splatterhouse horror games) !

So I teased a while back that I’m working on a second old-school video game update for ScrollBoss that will hit this month. These improved Pac-Man sprites (click the small pic or this link to see both sprites on gallery page) are a teaser for what you’ll see in that update. While some of you […]

The scratch-made sprites of Heihachi Mishima (Tekken) and Trish (Devil May Cry and Marvel vs. Capcom 3) were added. Trish starts a Devil May Cry page (no promises on a Dante sprite) and Heihachi joins the Tekken page. Trish has a really short Work Progress animation (because I was just trying to get the danged […]

Yes, that was Ms. Pac-Man’s 1st maze in the picture I posted last weekend. The pictures of Ms. Pac-Man and Sue that I drew and colored a few months ago now use different parts of the maze as a background. I’m getting a bit better at sorting things out in Inkscape before bringing them into […]

This one may be later than normal but there’s still an update this week. The main thing to see here is a new picture of Tyris from Sega’s classic side-scroller, Golden Axe. The earlier attempts to drawing her again like this one and this other one didn’t lead to much but that last one was […]

Last week’s announcement that weekly updates weren’t guaranteed anymore didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to try. In fact, ScrollBoss will get an update later on tonight in an unannounced content crossover weekend. It’s really a coincidence that all of today’s content is beat-em-up video game related. Douglas Bild (Rival Turf, Brawl Brothers) is finally […]