The Wasp and Diamondback sprites from last week’s ScrollBoss update now have gallery pages on this site. Both have Work Progress animations that show you many of the steps I took to make the sprites. The ScrollBoss site is officially on pause for a while but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be new pixel […]

Two new scratch-made sprites make up today’s update. Sarah Taylor, another character from Aaron Pinsky’s Sheol stories, is added to the Sheol page along with a short bio from the writer himself. I was going to show you one of the sprites I made for this week’s big Avengers-centric ScrollBoss update but decided to save […]

Today’s update is another sprite based on characters from Aaron Pinsky’s Sheol stories. Those sprites will have a single page that you can check out in this link along with a bit of info about the characters. ScrollBoss had an update last week where I added a bunch of overdue Street Fighter and Double Dragon […]

Happy Independence Day! Here’s a sprite: Aaron Pinsky (a.k.a. Psychoblue) commissioned me to make a sprite of his character, Areva Petchyindee. Learn more about Areva along with her allies and enemies in this post on the Tekken Nation board. This sprite will have a gallery page in the next update. BTW: ScrollBoss got a microscopic […]