January 9th, 2010
Tempress in her new outfitTMNT sprites made from scratch.It's a Secret. SHHHHHHHHHHH...

This was a very light week but many of the weeks will be on the light tip since I’m also working on multiple projects like “the Universal Intro” for the comics. Tempress makes her debut on the site in her new outfit. I planned to draw her during the Illmosis 5th Anniversary last November but those early attempts looked crappier than this. Besides being my second character ever, she’s also the second pic I drew this year. What was the first? More on that later. Also up this week is another variation of the TMNT sprites I made last month. This set is modelled after the original Playmates Toys action figures from 1988 right down to the mouth expressions on the faces. The blacked-out character in the last pic was the first pic of 2010 and it part of something that I’ve been scheming on for years. In fact, he isn’t the first teaser I’ve thrown out for the project. More on this later though you may be able to figure out part of what’s going on if you know where to look.

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