January 31st, 2010
Douglas Bild from Rushing Beat Ran in his select screen pose.

Again, I’m working on a lot of stuff at the same time so all I have is this pic of Douglas Bild from Brawl Brothers/Rushing Beat Ran. I tried to do the blue line pencil-to-dark pencil thing here but I may just traditionally ink-trace it anyway. The proportions are a bit off but I could probably fix that a bit.

I made big progress on some ScrollBoss items that I won’t be able to unleash for a few months. Two of these things will be added to this site later since they’re from scratch. One has basic sprite poses traced to match the old version, I still changed most of it to make it fit Street Fighter Alpha style. Here are some early shots of them.

If you’re a gaming fan with a good eye, you’ll notice they’re from the same game. I also redesigned the last character I needed for the group shot in the “Universal Intro” story. She’s only flying in the background but she becomes important much later on. Okay, I’ve gotta roll and test out more of these sprites then work on the next ScrollBoss update.

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