February 6th, 2010
Douglas Bild from Rushing Beat Ran in his select screen pose.

After days of being sick and finally having to take some kind of medicine that induces sleepy time, I’m just going to throw the update on right now. You probably can’t tell if you’re reading this from the site’s main menu but I just replaced the older news module with Folger’s Crystals WordPress. The Illmosis web log will have the site updates along with posts about other things related to the sites or to my characters like Nutroll, Twofold, Passion Tanaka, the Ice Cream Man and the rest. I also ink-traced and base-colored that Douglas Bild picture from last week. I was hoping to have more art done for the update but turning into a human snot faucet, redesigning the outfits of the bad guys in this old Ice Cream Man pic (maybe I’ll put the sketches on the blog), redesigning the ScrollBoss font a bit, working on a sprite set and some other ScrollBoss stuff wore me out a bit.

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