March 14th, 2010
Tyris Flare in a fighting stance

This one may be later than normal but there’s still an update this week. The main thing to see here is a new picture of Tyris from Sega’s classic side-scroller, Golden Axe. The earlier attempts to drawing her again like this one and this other one didn’t lead to much but that last one was the “almost there” pic that let me know I just needed to wait a while before trying again. Tyris won’t get to be in color until I get some comic book business out of the way but I plan to have her finished up before the ScrollBoss 10th Anniversary shindig.

The other thing I was working on this week was that Bred sprite set that you’ve seen bits and pieces of over the last few weeks. I made a video of the sprite test I ran with the OpenBoR beat-em-up gaming engine and you can see the results below. Please forgive the crappy quality of the video and misaligned punch animation. That punch has already been fixed.

No, I’m not making a Final Fight mod for OpenBoR even if it looks like I am. Speaking of Final Fight lets me make a smoove segueway into showing you another video. This is a video review by Rinry and Jot of Final Fight’s SNES port. Instead of the usual “OMG U GUYS THIS GAME IS DOOKIES LOL” stupidity you’ll find in most YouTube game reviews, the review takes a non-nostalgic look at the game for those who want to pick it up on the Wii Virtual Console but didn’t grow up playing it. You’ll also hear Rinry talk about one of my favorite characters while a familiar piece of artwork pops up on the screen:

Thanks to Rinry for using the art and giving me a shoutout in the credits. Most of all, I’m glad to see that character get some attention somewhere. Be sure to check out her other videos like the excellent NES vs SMS comparison of Double Dragon.

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