April 4th, 2010
2010 drawing of a Blacktron I Lego minifig.

There isn’t much to show in this update. The last few weeks have been pretty Lego-fied for me with finally getting the Toy Story Army Men pack (for custom purposes) and some Space Police sets and some other stuff I’ll talk about later. All of this made me return to the redemption list and draw another pic of the Blacktron minifig. Accessories will be added later.

Besides my usual way of disappointing you (behind-the-scenes coding work on ScrollBoss), I also got a small start on Nutroll: the Illness page 2. Yes, really. As much as I planned to have a “crazy art” theme month again, I really need to work on some art for the upcoming All Americon (learn more about it at the link). You may have to wait a bit longer for more Nutroll pages but it won’t be long. I was also going to try and rush the Illmosis Scrapbook 1 for the convention but I’m not sure if I will. But here’s the Logo without the number attached:

This is slightly different than the version I posted on the weblog last week and may change some more before it’s done. The next thing to work on is the character profile template for the book while I sketch out cover layout ideas. I also need to make some fixes on the Nutroll and Twofold teaser pages that will be in there, too. Sorry (again) for the low output but I really am working on more things that you know about right now. Hopefully, you’ll like how they turn out.

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