June 6th, 2010
Beware... the Bumpkin

Thanks to a lot of unexpected things popping up (including a some scripting errors on ScrollBoss), I don’t have anything new finished for this week. I dropped the “weekly guarantee” thing quite a while ago but still tried to have something new anyway. The thing that I linked to up there is a preview for something that will happen later this year. It’s a preview pic that I did a while ago but I changed the teaser word back to the way I originally planned it. What is it? It’s one of those projects I’ve been planning for years and I’ve sprinkled clues to it in different places at different times. I finally have the perfect intro so I’m pulling the trigger on it later this year. That pic will get a gallery page in the next update along with a clue that I posted elsewhere. The new project will explain what seemed like a throwaway post somewhere a few years back. It’s all going to come together this year and it will be fully ridiculous. More character teasers will be added over the coming weeks with the final two letting you know what’s up.

The biggest problem is that I’m working on a lot of things that I can’t show yet for ScrollBoss and something else that will be revealed later this year. I plan to have at least one more old feature return to ScrollBoss’ Minus World section on the 10th Anniversary (July 19th) though I’m working on art for more than one. Here’s a preview from the most likely to return:

The few people who remember the goofy Minus World articles from 2001 to 2002 (not to be confused with the different sites named that) may remember what that article was and the rest of you may be able to figure it out just from that clip. I’ll have to save the finished product for July 19th. I’m also trying to put some finishing touches for the 1st new version of the Vs. Mode battle engine since 2002 that will make it less of a pain-in-the-butt to run poll-based battles along with making them more than a popularity contest. The basics have been done for a while but I’m finishing things that will hopefully make it harder to cheat and add more incentive to voters. I’ll be back to work on that right after I add the update post to this site right now. Sorry for the disappointment but I’ll try to have something fun next weekend since it’s my birthday.

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