August 29th, 2010

There’s no new art today but there is art that you haven’t seen and art that you mostly won’t see. Yet.

Exponent, one of my super-powered characters, gets character profile with a lot of information. There are two old design drawings that will surely make you frown up in the face at how bad they are but they show some of the early costume variations.

The things that made this update so late is that I made a few more fixes to the gallery display page so that the character-based galleries don’t link to pages that they shouldn’t link to. I forgot how old that system was (2007!) and had to rewrite a lot from scratch. The Tag galleries will get the same treatment next weekend. Part of the break from working on ScrollBoss will be spent giving some much-needed attention to this place.

(EDIT Aug 31st, 2010 – 1 AM: 90% of my free time on Monday working on the gallery scripts again. Now they seem to work exactly the way I wanted them to. I just uploaded these fixes. Everything seems to work but it’s hard to check everything with an internet connection as crappy as mine. Tag and Character galleries should be all peaches and herb cream now.)

Another thing I’ll be doing with that time is getting ready for the first shots of something I’ve been trying to get together for years. It’s nothing big but it makes up for that in it’s amount of crazy. I need to get some things from this project ready for the Illmosis Scrapbook and I think it’s about time I start letting you in on a bit of it. That will happen next week but here’s a preview:

Prepare to be challenged.

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