October 24th, 2010

MarioDeath (Castlevania) in his original design.A preview of Petey Panels
The 25th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System caught me by surprise so I felt I had to celebrate somehow. The picture of Mario here is a slightly improved version of the picture I drew on the evening of the anniversary but didn’t like. The original version was NOT good enough to show that night. The other picture isn’t just any ol’ Grim Reaper… it’s Death from the Castlevania games and in his NES-style outfit and pose. That’s the picture I’m happy with this week. I tried to draw other pictures but everything was turning out like doo-doo on a stick. One of those pictures was of Petey Panels, another character from the “When the War Begins Again” project. I’m sure you can figure out what he is from his shape and his name so I’ll just like the silhouette be a placeholder until I make a better picture of him.

Death won’t be the only Castlevania boss hitting Illmosis this month. Here’s a preview of what you’ll see next week during the joint Illmosis/ScrollBoss weekend update:


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