December 5th, 2010

Hello. My brain power has been reduced to that of a voodoo-flavor zombie due to a sudden and abrupt shift in day job work schedule. My cunning plan to start the month with lots of black-and-white artwork of my characters was ruined by being too sleepy to draw straight. Sadly, that means I only have two characters to show. That mystery man is the Ghostman, a character who will be called many things but most urban legends will revolve around the name of the Ghostman. There’s a more common name he’ll be called that is too spoilerish to say at this time. The woman is Beatdown, a character I’ve redesigned a tiny bit but her head and shoulders can still be spotted in the background of that 1996 Entity picture from way back when. In fact, you can find Ghostman’s really old design if you look hard enough. Neither of these pictures have a gallery page yet because I’m still feeling worn out.

Another thing I finished last week was a scratch-made sprite for A.Schell. It’s for an old ad mascot that you may recognize if you like older comic books. Check out the sprite at it’s deviantART gallery page and be sure to browse his gallery of fun-time awesome material including his artwork of the same ad character.

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