February 7th, 2011

Eddie 'Skate' Hunter from Streets of Rage dashes forward
Scratch-made recreation of the official artwork for Konami's Castlevania.
I updated yesterday but I’m making an all-new post since most people were too busy watching Sunday’s Ultra Feetsball Finale telecast and the commercials nestled within. Eddie “Skate” Hunter from Sega’s Streets of Rage series and a pixel art recreation of the Castlevania NES box art. The Castlevania pic was done for a new screen layout for the GroupShot image generator on ScrollBoss and you’ll find an animation that shows some progress steps as I made it.

I finally fixed the ScrollBoss gallery so all the pictures show up now. It includes characters from the kinds of action/adventure games I talk about on the site as well as the goofy pictures that I made just for features on the site.

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