May 16th, 2011

People, I had fun. Mad fun, even. Yes, I sold prints and made connections but that’s only a business-minded justification for having the kind of fun I had this Sunday. I had a chance to hang out with old and new friends, buy some cool stuff and spend my weekend doing something other than being hunched over a computer to work on things. People seemed to like the 2011 flyer, a fact that I’ll use to segue into how I updated the flyer’s gallery page to show a bit of work on the sprite and the original version of a graphic that had to be changed for obvious reasons. I’ll let you figure that last one out on your own.

The first convention last year was great but All Americon 2 was bigger and deffer bigger and better. More people made it to this for various reasons but the biggest seems to be “Man, you should’a been there last year!” I’d like to thank everyone who put it together not just for the great job they did in all areas but because this area needs a get-together like this and hopefully we’ll have have many many more in the future.

The main thing I dropped the ball on was getting website info for everyone. I still have it for a few people from last year so I’m going to repost some of it here. Check out the websites of these fine, fine people:

A.J. Sabino
Clockwork Adventures
Chris Kasmar
John Hazen

Things will go back to normal (whatever that is) next week. There will be a ScrollBoss update either this week or the next with new mini-logos and a minor new feature for the Graphic Generators.

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