July 11th, 2011
Scratch-made sprites of Aaron Pinsky's Sheol characters.

Today’s update is another sprite based on characters from Aaron Pinsky’s Sheol stories. Those sprites will have a single page that you can check out in this link along with a bit of info about the characters.

ScrollBoss had an update last week where I added a bunch of overdue Street Fighter and Double Dragon characters to the GFX Generators so you can make fake screenshots and group pics with them. There will be a small-but-important anniversary update for that site.

I’ve been working on a lot of unseen things for Illmosis, ScrollBoss and “The War Begins Again” for a while and the updates here have suffered for it. The updates haven’t been big for a while but that will change soon. Here’s a preview of something that I’m hoping to finish for the next ScrollBoss update and will be seen here soon after that.

Also, the Commissions page has been updated with prices and the fact that there are two pixel art commission slots open right now.

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  1. […] right before The War Begins Again in a few months. The last thing is a new teaser of something I posted a teaser of in the middle of last year. It’s one of those off-and-on projects I work on a bit at a time […]

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