March 23rd, 2012

Sprites based on the Tiny Titans from DC Comics
I’m still burning the candle on both ends and three sides to work on the upcoming addition to the Illmosis network (currently fine-tuning the navigation and WordPress-ination), but I had to make this sprite this week. I’ll explain in a bit for those who don’t know why. Click on the small pic to hit the gallery page that also has a Work Progress animation with some of the steps I took to make the sprite.

The last issue of Tiny Titans came out this week (though I won’t be able to hit the comic shop to get it until next week) and I had to show my appreciation in some form. I’d have done a Tiny Titans sprite long before now if I thought my spriting skills were good enough to do the drawing style any justice, but the last issue forced my hand. The book always put a smile on my face and inadvertently had the least ridiculous version of Slade Wilson I’ve seen in the last ten years. Although comics are far better than they’ve been since the mid-90’s almost made me completely quit reading them, Tiny Titans was one of the main books I’d use to rinse the bad taste out of my brain that was left there by all the ham-fisted grimness that everyone tells me I’m supposed to like. To Art Baltazar, Franco and everyone else involved, thanks for the Aw Yeah Fun-Times!

BTW: The page says just says “Tiny Titans” for now because I plan to make more TT sprites.

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