July 13th, 2012
Maceo feels the love as only he can.Nutroll's 2012 character profile artwork2012 Illmosis network promotional flyer.

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who put the All-AmeriCon together and all the people who came out to enjoy it. The event keeps getting bigger and better each year as the word gets out about how much fun it is. There were even some cosplayers this year and that’s when you know you’ve got a convention going on.

Today’s update puts the recent Nutroll pic and the 2012 flyer into the gallery with extra information along with a new picture of Maceo (or Maceon, I’m still undecided on his first name) doing that thing he does as only he can do it. As the 2012 party flyer mentions, the War Begins Again starts in October, so you won’t have to put up with the annoying teasers for much longer.

The 12th Anniversary of ScrollBoss hits next week on Thursday, July 19th and I’ve been stockpiling quite a few sprites for the update. It won’t be huge, but it should be interesting. Expect a mix of well-known characters, semi-forgotten legends and a few obscure characters. I posted a sprite of Chin Taimei (from Technos’ “Double Dragon” game for the NES) in this Tumblr post, so check it out there and follow both the ScrollBoss and Ill Side-Mission Tumblrs if you want to. I just enabled them with Disqus comments, so you can leave comments, too.

By the way, I’m not sure how I’ll be handling this, I will be selling prints through the site this year… somehow. Until I get a print store set up on the site, anyone who wants to buy prints should contact me and we’ll work out some sort of Paypal/snail mail stuff. Anyone who buys prints will get a free party flyer, if you like that sort of thing.

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