September 29th, 2014
Gilius Thunderhead 2014 picSprites of characters from the Gauntlet video games

So here’s the fully-shaded version of Gilius, though I still need to fix a few things here and there before making a background for him. I’ve also added sprites of the original starting lineup of Gauntlet, the legendary action dungeon crawling game by Atari. There’s even a 3-D rendered background for the characters, made for the GFX Generators on ScrollBoss. The Wizard and Valkyrie have work progress animations because I wasn’t rushing to make them like I was when working on the Elf and Warrior.

There have been quite a few updates on ScrollBoss, including one that had more than a dozen sprites from games released in 1989. Final Fight, Golden Axe, Strider, and many other games were represented, including a new Final Fight background. Some of those sprites will be making their way here over time, but I’m getting back to drawn artwork for a while, so there’ll be more of that here, too.

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