November 22nd, 2014

Fighting game sprites of M-WaveSplatterhouse
Today’s newness includes the sprite I made of M-Wave, one of my comic characters, and a gallery dump of all the scratch-made Splatterhouse sprite I’ve made so far (expect for the Wanpaku Graffiti stuff). Both pages have a work-progress .GIF and a linework scan. Oddly enough, I’d forgotten that I’d just sprited Rick Taylor right in PaintShop Pro with my Wacom instead of sketching him out, so the work prog is for him and linework is of Biggy Man. I’ll add more to that page in the future.

Also: there was a ScrollBoss update on Friday with seven sword and sorcery characters, including Trevor Belmont from Castlevania III and Ax Battler from Golden Axe.

That wasn’t even all the pixel art I’ve worked on lately, as I also worked on two sprite commissions I can’t show you just yet. I’ll be back with at least one more sprite of my characters for a Thanksgiving week update!

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