January 6th, 2015


I don’t like to make personal posts, but I think I owe you this one and I’ll keep it as short as possible. The short version: updates will be a bit weird for a while due to work and health reasons, but there will hopefully be more newness this year than there was last year.

Back in late May of 2014, I hurt both my back and my arm at work. Those who are reading this from the ScrollBoss site side of things will find it hilarious that it happened while lifting an orange barrel that was far above my weight class. I had to lie down a lot when I wasn’t working, didn’t sleep much (or at all) for a while. Moving my left arm did more than just hurt, as it felt like things were going wrong where that arm was connected to my back. I could only sit at my computer for short bits of time, which is why I only had a few new pictures drawn for for the 2014 All AmeriCon and ScrollBoss updates slowed down. The fact that I couldn’t take days off meant that my back pain would increase as the week went on, heal on the weekend and start over again on Monday, but a bit better. Things improved until the move to a different apartment in the Fall flushed much of that progress right down the toilet. Healing from that point on has gone back and forth and my back doesn’t feel as crappy as it did in the Fall.

I also found out in late November that I’d have to get another job in January, so that had me feeling worn out, too. Many of the things I’d planned to do, including work on an art book, more drawn art of 1989 game characters, more sprites and another video for the Revenge of 1989, didn’t happen. I apologize for the low content rate on this site and even more on Beans vs. Cornbread, which was supposed to start back up last June.

Work at the new job (same job, different account) starts today. Thanks to the new start time, it’ll be a while before I can figure out the best time to upload the site updates in the future. Updates on the weekend are usually ignored, so I try to avoid those. I’ll be back to doing more drawn art for Illmosis updates, including more with my own characters, and I want to finally get that art book put together this year. ScrollBoss updates might be less frequent so I can do some site work. Beans vs. Cornbread probably won’t return until I have all of the intro story pages done, but I’ll probably sneak more things (including TV shows screens) onto the site before that. My back still acts weird and I’ll need to take breaks for working on these things, so things will continue to be a bit slow for a while. I’m going to wait until things settle down before I start making any announcements, but don’t expect this year to be like last year.

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