April 17th, 2017
Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

Dang, I haven’t been here since November of last year? Sorry. it’s not the worst gap between updates on this site, BUT STILL. Today’s newness is a Miles Morales Spidey pic. “He’s drawing kinda recent characters now?” It was a request, so that explains that! It’s in flat color mode for now, but will be finished either this or next month.

What I’ve been up to since last November: first, a ton of updates on ScrollBoss since then, including lots of finishing touches for that site’s image generators and some video work (even a 2016 recap video).

I’ve also been doing a lot of fighting game-style pixel art commissions, and I’ve opened up more commission slots. Check out that commissions page for all the details

I’m putting all line art and pixel art prints back on sale again until further notice. 8×10 and 8×11 prints are $5.00 each and 11 x 17 prints $8.00 each!

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