February 11th, 2013

Scratch-made sprites of Aaron Pinsky's Sheol characters.Wonder Momo
A new sprite commissioned by Mr. Aaron Pinsky based on his Sheol stories was added to that gallery page along with his bio for the character, a wrestler who’s ready to rule any squared circle (or circled circle) he steps in. I also have the sprites based on Namco’s “Wonder Momo” (regular Momo and costumed Wonder Momo) on a page along with another quickly made background pattern for them to smile in front of and a work progress sprite.

Those coloring & activity books I drew art for last year are finally in stores! My artwork isn’t on the cover…

… but it’s on the inside…

From what I’ve been told, the books are in Dollar Tree and Five Below stores now, so be sure to pick those up for yourself or loved ones along with the other Landoll coloring books, including a really cool Robots-themed book.

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